After the Mercury and the Venus, it is time to write something about the planet on which we live. Age of the Earth is about 4.5 billion years. The Earth has only one natural satellite – the moon and the Earth is a unique planet in many ways.  It is the only planet that contains water in liquid state, contains oxygen in its atmosphere , etc. Earth can be divided into 3 parts: the body, hydrosphere, atmosphere. We are all familiar the fact that the hydrosphere covers over 70% of the total area.The body of the Earth is divided into three parts: the lithosphere (crust), mantle and core. The core has a temperature of over 4000 degrees.There are 15 plates on the earth’s surface. As regards movement of the earth in the universe, there are two types of movement. One is moving on its axis and the other around the sun. Earth has a very strong magnetic radiation that protects us even though we are not  really aware of it . Specifically magnetic radiation with a thick atmosphere refuses smaller meteors and protects us from harmful solar radiation. It is interesting to note that the north geographic pole is magnetic south pole, and vice verse. Although according to some research there is life on other planets but there has not been shown that there are living beings.



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