The planet Venus is the second planet in our Solar System. Venus has 500 km smaller diameter than the Earth and it is one of the brightest planet after the Sun and the Moon. One of the first pictures of the Venus were created in 1970s by the spacecraft Venus 9. Unfortunately, everything that we could see then were big clouds. After these recordings, astronomers began speculating about various things. One such myth was about life on planet and the vegetation on it. The recordings from 90s have discovered brutal truth about Venus. Namely, clouds are composed of sulphur, the atmosphere consists of 90 % carbon dioxide and the temperature of the surface is over 400 degrees. Only 30 percent of sunlight passes through the clouds. Venus has so dense atmosphere that smaller meteorites completely “disappear” in it’s atmosphere. According to some astronomers, there are still active volcanos on the Venus.  One of the interesting things about Venus is that is rotates so slowly that one day on Venus lasts as almost 4 months on the Earth. Furthermore, Venus rotates in the opposite direction, unlike other planets of the Solar System. The reason for this phenomenon is supposedly crash of the Venus and meteor once in the past. In the end, I would mention a very interesting phenomenon for astronomers . In fact there is a Transit of Venus when it is between the Sun and the Earth. Last such occurrence was in June 2012th. Backwards 150 years there have been only four such phenomena.



Transition of Venus


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